Back in the Saddle

After cycling lots in June I barely touched my bike in July! But today I got back on the bike.

We've been super busy organizing and decluttering our whole home ready for removalists to come early in September to ship our stuff to Australia. So cycling fell by the wayside when time ran out. 

I also had several allergy issues throughout June and July that left me fatigued and unable to imagine tackling cardio exercise beyond walking.

Our bikes will be shipped with everything else in September so this month is the last chance we'll have to ride until January. 

Today's ride in 88*f heat was exhausting but it felt terrific to be back on the bike saddle and clocking up miles 
The hilly route I chose made it particularly taxing 🥵

So this is a reminder to get back to something that has fallen by the wayside in your life! 


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