Fitness is a Relative Term

What type of fitness do you want?

Do you want to be fit enough to enjoy your daily life or fit enough to be an Olympic athlete?

That is why I consider fitness a relative term. 

I am fit enough to hike and cycle up Colorado's mountains! But most members of society wouldn't look at me and assign the word fit as a descriptor.

Do you want to be fitter next year than you are today? Then you want to gain fitness. But you can be fit now and still want to be fitter next year. 

I am fit enough to enjoy outdoor recreation! I am fit enough to participate in many health and fitness activities such as: golf, cycling, walking, hiking, yoga. This summer I'll be trying a new sport, kayaking! 

That's why I choose to use the words fit and strong to describe myself in some contexts. Life isn't as simple as black and white, you are not fit or fat there's a whole continuum of variation in between, so don't let the fitness industry dictate how you use words like fit or strong. 

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