YTT 200

Read more here about the yoga teacher training 200 hour course I completed during March and April 2021!

If you are considering YTT, I recommend as soon as you sign up you get insurance as a student of yoga teaching it is only $25 for 1 year here:

The course I completed is:

Learning Style: online 200 hour certification

Cost: $99 yes just $99 when I signed up in March 2021! Affordable, almost no risk investment! A great way to explore the concept of yoga teaching!

What is included?

  • 107 page PDF manual for the course
  • 32 page PDF Astanga Yoga fundamentals book
  • 557 page PDF book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha book
  • 3 images that are visual aids for yoga sequencing (Hatha primary sequence, Hatha intermediate sequence, Ashtanga Vinyasa primary sequence)
  • online access to all recorded classes in a sequenced easy to follow structure
Considering the relatively small cost of this course (some courses are up to $5000), I have been impressed with what is included so far! I will add more info as I progress through this process!

Day 1- Pranayama

Day 3 - Update

Week 2 Update
This past week we delved deeper into understanding the 8 limbs of YOGA
I now more deeply understand the difference between Yamas and Nyamas!

Week 3 update - breath techniques

Week 4 - postural balance

Week 4 - my favorite yoga pose, Yoga Nidra & alignment and adjustment for sun salutations:

Week 5 - anatomy, stretching and chakras

Week 6 - characteristics of an asana & preparatory poses and counter poses

Assessment & Certification - 4/27/2021 The following post contains the Youtube video I submitted for assessment of teaching abilities at the end of my YTT 200 journey. There was also a 25 question written exam. 

I passed both assessment tasks and am now a certified yoga teacher!

During 2021 and beyond I will make available an array of free printable yoga sequences from my website to share some of my learning and to help make yoga accessible to all:

Download them here:

Here are some handy resource links I have found:


Mantra Ideas:

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Beginner modifications

Ashtanga/Vinyasa Explained

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