Aches and Pains

My body is constantly tired lately. 
We're only 4 weeks from having removalists put all our belongings put in a shipping container and ship them to Australia, so there's constantly stuff to do in preparation. All the organizing requires bending, reaching, twisting, lifting etc. So apart from my daily dog walk and the yoga classes I teach, that feels like enough exercise right now! 
We're also trying to empty out our freezer, refrigerators and pantry so what we eat is governed by what needs using up. 
I can't wait until this move is completed in January 2023. 
Sometimes it feels like my aches have aches LOL and the joints in my right hand are sore which has weakened my grip. I'm better than I was a couple of weeks ago though when I was having difficulty saying any sentence without stumbling over my words like some drunken lunatic. I even found teaching yoga difficult because I made lots of mistakes with verbal cues. 
So here are a few things I'm doing daily to ensure my body and the fatigue improve rather than worsen:
  • Hydrate (drink as much fluid as I can)
  • Daily dog walk (for sunshine and fresh air as much as for the exercise)
  • Eat lots of variety of fruits and vegetables (even if they are frozen)
  • Meal prep at least once a week
  • Have lists of tasks I want to accomplish but be flexible about what actually gets done. When your body needs rest it needs rest. Period. 
  • Get out of the house once a week and have some fun!!
  • Ask for help from those around you (hubby mowed the lawn on the weekend, usually I help him but I just didn't have the energy available)
But most importantly I have to remember I'm achieving a lot of things that will save me time and energy next year when I finally unpack our stuff at the new house. So I am working on my goals and making progress. But all the big goals right now are future focused.

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