The Joy of Cycling

I love yoga. But... My absolute favorite form of exercise is cycling. I've been cycling for about 16 or 17 years. Today I did almost 5 miles in my hilly neighborhood. It was 88*f. Cycling is a great activity in warm weather because your movement through the air creates it's very own breeze effect to cool you down.
This is the view at the top of Two Ears trail.
It's a great place for a quick photo break.
5 miles might not sound like much but in the heat with the hills in our neighborhood it's enough! 🤣🥵🚴‍♀️
The loop I chose is uphill for the first 3 miles and part of that is very steep so it's a good workout.
I'm still trying to get as many miles in as possible this month for the Trevor Project Pride Ride 2022 commemorating the 51st Pride Month! I have exceeded the Trevor Project individual goal but the extra miles will help our team reach the team goal hopefully! 


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