DIY Green Juice Recipe

I enjoy the store bought green juices available but I recently decided to make my own because I had greens to use up in the fridge:
It's really simple. I start with store bought juice and add vegetables and ice then blend it in my blender. 
This is the terrific blender model I have from KitchenAid:

100mls of juice A (e.g. apple, mango, orange etc)
100mls of juice B (e.g. pineapple, cranberry etc)
1 cup of green vegetables/ herbs (e.g. arugula, basil, broccoli stalk, celery, radish leaves, wheatgrass, sprouts, mint etc)
10 ice cubes
Blend to combine.
It really powers me through my day without being heavy in my stomach. 
I love this time of year, the mornings are fabulous!
The neighborhood is green:
BUT the cottonwood fluff is really aggravating for my allergies!!! This is what it looks like along the trails in my neighborhood: 
I have tomato, bell pepper and red lentil soup cooking for dinner tonight: 
Yesterday I baked a decadent Chocolate Gooey Fudge Slice: 
I'm planning a bike ride this afternoon and a few minutes on my Feet Up trainer which is lucky because this chocolate slice is full of sugar and butter 😂🤣

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