Did that seriously happen!?! I am now the heckled yogini!

Some days you just have to laugh it off. 
Yesterday I taught an outdoor yoga class. 
About ten minutes into the class I heard a lady in the second row of the amphitheatre say loudly "It's so slow!" to the lady next to her in a nasty high attitude tone. Let me be clear, I was about ten yards from her and I heard it clearly. Since the crowd was smaller than usual due to the cooler weather, everybody would've been within ten yards of her. 
At the time I just kept teaching and ignored her. 

But it was once I finished teaching the class and hubby was walking back to the car with me that I thought about it and realized I had actually been heckled whilst teaching yoga! She didn't like my style obviously and wanted everyone to know it. Poor hubby was in the row directly in front of her so he was not impressed!

Yesterday afternoon as I processed this senseless behavior I posted this to my Instagram stories:
And I'm still blown away that anyone thinks it's okay to heckle a yoga teacher. This was not a young person, I'd estimate she was about 60, so she should've learned some manners by the time she got to her age. 

So here's a silly little humorous poem to share my thoughts about Karen and her heckling:

Karen from the second row,
Perhaps you need to learn to grow,
Your behavior was truly crass,
In fact you were quite an ass,
Let me teach you a well known fact,
That might just help you learn some tact, 
Heckling during yoga is not a thing!
It was truly just embarrassing,
Not for me, I showed my class & grit,
But you came off looking like a complete twit!
That barb you thought was very clever,
Was not appropriate whatsoever. 
So grow a brain you selfish shrew,
And filter thoughts before they spew!

So I'm laughing it off. But I've been planning to write a yoga book for a while and you can guarantee this incident will get a chapter. 

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