Chronic Illness Flare Ups

For many people with chronic illnesses "Flare Ups" are common and can be triggered by a multitude of life circumstances. I'm currently experiencing a nasty flare. I've been struggling to talk, eat and achieve my daily tasks.
So to help with my stomach/esophagus issues I've limited my food intake this week to green juice, rice crackers, almonds, bananas, rockmelon (cantaloupe) and boiled eggs. It does seem to be helping but it'll take time and rest too. I chose these foods as they will provide energy, vitamins, minerals and protein but don't seem to irritate my stomach. 

Then yesterday my right leg was numb most of the day and it is again today too. This has happened before. And scans have ruled out a stroke during a previous flare. I still have full use of it just not full sensation. It can increase my risk of falling however so I'm being ultra careful on stairs and avoiding them as much as possible. 

So today's exercise was only walking:

But the weather is fabulous so that's great!


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