Weekly BUZZ Healthy

The mainstream health and fitness industry is based around the concept of people being or wanting to be healthy.
The problem with this term is that people have very subjective views about what constitutes healthy!

I may be plus sized but I am a vegetarian and at my last colonoscopy I was told I have a pristine colon. We can't see how healthy someone is on the inside! There is a perception in our society that curvy women don't eat a healthy, balanced diet, it is a fallacy! 

I try to use more specific terms like:

  • strong
  • balanced diet
To use words like healthy and fit it is important to give readers more information about what your version of these terms is! Like in the paragraph above when I used the term healthy I qualified it by adding the detail "balanced diet". 

When talking about fitness are you talking about:
  • activity level
  • strength
  • daily workout regimen
  • ability to participate in activities you enjoy
So the word healthy is a broad term that is open to interpretation and your view of it is probably clouded by your own life experiences.

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