FREE Printable Yoga Sequence

It is a while since I have had time to create and upload a new FREE yoga sequence printable PDF! But today I found the time:
I created this yoga sequence because even after doing yoga for 8 months I still struggle to do 5 sun salutations in a row during my YTT 300 classes because I get lower back pain. I have hypermobile joints so 5 sun salutations put a lot of pressure on my SI joint! So I decided to create a sequence in which I can do 5 sun salutations with other great strength & flexibility building poses in between so that my lower back muscles aren't over taxed all at once. Download available from my website via the link in my left sidebar.

Can you do reverse prayer hands? Did you know it is  sign of hypermobile joints?

Read more here: hEDS indicators

 Sun Salutation Tip!!

You can start the SS from the back of the mat and walk your hands out then back in as needed. I simply bend my legs as needed to ensure I don't strain my back or leg muscles as seen in this demo:

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