3 Things I have Learned During Yoga Teacher Training!

I promised to share my YTT journey on the blog so that the posts can help other people determine if the journey is right for them. So here are 3 things I have learned so far:

Video lectures have focused on:

The Paths of Yoga:

The 8 limbs of YOGA

What is Ayurveda?

My video classes have focused on:
And tomorrow I will do an Ashtanga yoga class!

So far I have completed 9 percent of the content (and read 29 pages of the 107 page manual), over the last 3 days, remember this is a 200 hour course so 9% is about 18 hours!

It is mentally and physically taxing! But enjoyable! I feel like I am learning a whole new language because like any new learning it involves its own lexicon (language of the branch of knowledge)!

I will keep sharing this journey as I progress! Click on my YTT tab anytime to find all the YTT posts in one place.

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