I have been somewhat inconsistent with fitness for many years. I struggle to fit my fitness goals into my daily life because I am an obsessive & creative individual who loves quilt pattern design and I spend much of my time self publishing my work. 

I fit some exercise in most weekends but weekdays I have had a tendency to get absorbed in my creative career and hate to interrupt it for anything else! Then if I reassess and set new goals, I do better for a while however inevitably I fall back into old habits.

BUT... I am a successful quilt book author! What is wrong with that? Nothing is the answer.

Ultrafit people often don't have an all absorbing obsession beyond their fitness. That is okay for them, but I am glad I have a passion that brings me joy! Through 2021 and beyond I will continue to try to make strategic choices to include fitness into my daily life as much as I can.

Interestingly when i think about how I want to spend my time in retirement, all my plans relate to outdoor recreation! So, my work obsession is a means to an end, I am working towards the future I want financially through my author work. But that future will only be possible if I am healthy enough to enjoy my plans! 

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