52 Ideas

I will upload a strength or flexibility training move/pose/technique/workout idea weekly. These are a part of my workout regimen as I endeavor to gain strength and flexibility for my yoga teacher training journey. So by the end of 2021 I will have 52 example exercises shared! Some will be a simple image, others will be a short video.

If you want to try these workout ideas take care to only do what is safe for you! You & your doctor know your body best! There are plenty of how to videos on Youtube by awesome health and fitness industry experts if you want to check your form! I am not a personal trainer, I am just a curvy woman sharing my journey!

Want to know what week of the year it is? Here is a handy web tool that can tell you!

Late in 2021 I will release a free printable PDF with all of these just to inspire you to vary your workouts!

Week 1 2021 - plank (this is the dumbbell variation that is more ergonomic for my wrists)

Week 2 2021 - Upper body stretch 1

Week 3 - Upper body stretch 2

Week 4 - Arm/wrist/hand stretch

Week 5 - Lay on a SOFT foam roller for a relaxing back pose!

Week 6 - Forward bend stretch, one leg bent

Week 7 - Elevated downward facing dog increases weight supported by arms. Make sure you are using a sturdy item to elevate yourself!

Week 8 - stetch that hip flexor!

Week 9 - Binding hands yoga stretch

Week 10 - Seated medicine ball twist to strengthen my core!

Week 11 - reclining alternating heel touches (sometimes called penguins)

Week 12 - Balancing Table (raise opposite arm & leg, then repeat on other side)

Week 13 - Wide leg forward bend (spine straight, hinge forward from the hips)

Week 14 - Wide Leg Side Stretch (hinge from the hips rather than bend)

Week 15 - crown of head on yoga blog arms up and back (clasped hands if possible)

Week 16 -  seated back straight, legs as straight as possible, flex feet, use a yoga strap if needed.

Week 17 - Chair Pose (keep those knees above the ankles NOT forward of the toes)

Week 18 - Warrior 2, open pelvic alignment (facing corner of mat), front knee over ankle, rear foot at angle.

Week 19 - Goddess pose variation, arms bound. Toes pointed outward, hands hold opposite wrist behind back or opposite elbows if your flexibility allows)

Week 20 - Goddess pose variation. Bind hands above head and tilt to each side for a count of 10

Week 21 - Garland pose

Week 22 - Pigeon pose variation (arms up)

Week 23 - Wild thing pose (start in side plank, place top foot behind, reach back with raised arm and curve torso upward)

Week 24 - Supported Splits (place a prop under leading leg or groin to support) You can use a bolster, yoga block, rolled blanket or foam roller. Take care to only do what is safe for you! This should not hurt!

Week 25 - Forward bend/fold (work towards getting palms flat on floor)

Week 26 - Add a twist to the pose from last week!

Week 27 - Tree Pose

Week 28 - Warrior 1

Since I am headed back to full time work very soon, I have uploaded the entire year of poses so I don't forget each week!

Week 29 - from last weeks warrior one pose extend forward until your torso, rear leg and arms are in one line

Week 30 - 3 legged downward facing dog

Week 31 - standing big toe hold!

Week 32 -  bow pose!

Week 33 - camel pose

Week 34 - dancer pose

Week 35 - bridge pose

Week 36 - gate pose

Week 37 - crescent moon standing

Week 38 - cradle (try swinging the raise leg side to side slowly)

Week 39 - wide leg arch back and look up 

Week 40 - standing wide leg big toe hold

Week 41 - pyramid pose

Week 42 - seated crescent moon

Week 43 - down dog

Week 44 - reverse plank

Week 45 - seated half lotus

Week 46 - frog legs is a great hip opener

Week 47 - warrior 3

Week 48 - yoga wheel back bend (I have a YouTube video explaining my yoga wheel sit-ups too which are a great warm-up for this back bend)

Week 49 - leg raise

Week 50 - goddess with a twist

Week 51 - triangle pose

Week 52 - goddess with heel raise

If you have made it through all 52 poses you are a superstar! 
These poses will definitely strengthen your whole body if you incorporate them into your workouts!
This has been a fun project to work on and I can actually see my improvement in form, strength and flexibility in these photos as I have worked on this for half of 2021!

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