Number 1 Factor For Sticking to a New Fitness Regimen

Have you ever thought about why some fitness regimens you've tried didn't last!

There are so many reasons why fitness regimens become past history, and which reasons are at play depends on the person, here are a few examples:

  • Time consuming
  • Too difficult
  • Not enjoyable
  • Lacking social engagement
  • Too repetitive
  • Not repetitive enough
  • Not seeing gains in health/strength
  • Not seeing weight loss
  • Fatigue/exhaustion/burnout
  • Chronic illness flare ups
  • Doesn't meet expectations
And that is just off the top of my head! Seriously it is a looong list if you get to thinking about it!
However, I have found that the key to me sticking to a fitness regimen is finding what type of exercise works for me. 

Number 1 Factor: find the type of physical activity that works for you!

That is a complex task but here are some key issues to consider:
  1. What type of physical activity do I enjoy?
  2. What type of physical activity do I NOT enjoy?
  3. How much time do I have to incorporate physical activity into my schedule?
  4. Have I tried every activity that interests me? What do I want to try next?
It is important here to understand that outdoor recreation is physical activity, consider a multitude of activities such as walking, golf, cycling, hiking they are all exercise. Your physical fitness regimen doesn't have to include indoor home gym workouts!

Last summer I volunteered at a food bank, it was strenuous work unloading semi trucks of food, sorting and distributing! That is exercise with a FEEL GOOD helping others kind of theme!

I hate indoor gym style workouts, I do them through winter because there is little choice during Colorado winters! But I love cycling, so through Spring, Summer, Fall that is my focus! I enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and challenge. 

So I am sorry if you clicked on this link thinking there was one easy answer to finding the fitness regimen that you will stick to. There is no easy answer, in fact finding the fitness regimen that suited me didn't happen until my mid thirties! It is worth investing the time to try a variety of physical activity types! Why? Because once you do find the right activity/s it will last you a lifetime!

Here are a few physical activities you may not think to consider:
Think outside the box! Seek joy! Find what works for you!

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